Draft Picks For This Season of The Bachelor On Will You Accept This Rose

Elegant man holding red rose flowers in hand behind his back

Bachelor devotée Arden Myrin is joined by other Bachelor franchise fans Paget Brewster, Lance Bass, Rob Benedict, Wells Adams, Ashley Iaconetti, Kirsten Vangsness, and Erin Foley to do their “draft picks” for the 22nd season, trying to figure out their top three picks of people “who may or may not get boned in a windmill,” who they think will win, who they think will be the next Bachelorette, as well as their picks for Top Crazy, Top Villain, and Drunk on the First Night. The panel takes turns introducing the women competing for current Bachelor Peter Weber, and then discusses their biographies, invents drinking games, and hilariously roasts the contestants’ professions and pasts, in this rowdy, entertaining episode of Will You Accept This Rose

This year’s contestants for Peter’s hand – and the final rose – “all look related,” Paget muses, and Arden says, “Looking at the photos, it seemed like they had a choice...between like a tube dress or like, ‘I’m just a nice summer girl.’ There’s like jeans for sexy country girls, and then tube dress.” Lance notices that many of them are posing with one or both hands in their front pockets, and introduces a new drinking game: “One hand, you drink. Both hands...two drinks.” But if they have their thumbs in their belt loops? “Cocaine, guys.” Later, when he realizes there are multiple “rouge blouses,” Kirsten makes a new rule: “That’s a popper. Get a can of Whip It.” 

One contestant, Avonlea, says she has a degree in ranch management; Paget scoffs, “That’s totally made up.” Contestant Payton is wearing a puka shell bracelet: “It says a lot about you. It really does,” Lance insists. They suspect she may have a “secret tattoo,” like a tramp stamp that says Ride or Die. Paget thinks Kiarra looks “too nice for this world.” She also asks why all the contestants are so young: “Everyone’s 23 or 24, that we’ve seen so far.” Rob agrees: “If you’re 32, people make fun of you for being an old person.” When Kirsten mentions that that happened last season, Paget wonders, “Why are we still watching this f**king show?” Wells chimes in: “She has her hand on her hip, which means everyone needs to drink.” 

Join this hilarious panel and follow along with your own predictions (and a handy cocktail) as they try to figure out if a redhead has a chance of winning this year, why Madison mentioned her dad’s name in her biography, which contestant “looks like a cardboard cutout,” and much more on this episode of Will You Accept This Rose

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